The most effective skin care products come from recognizable ingredients. Our skin is our largest organ and absorbs each product we put on it, so it’s best to apply only the purest and most natural ingredients that are chemical free and nontoxic.

Bone Marrow adds stem cells that regenerate brand new skin cells, increases blood flow to the skin, and promotes skin elasticity by providing us with a rich source of collagen and amino acids. Tallow is loaded with vitamins A, K, D, E, powerful antioxidants, and lipids similar to what is found in young, healthy skin. Combining Tallow and Bone Marrow together creates the ultimate healing power!

When applying Miracle Marrow for skin care, you are replenishing the exact nutrients and fatty acids that we lose daily. We use animal products because they match our skin’s composition and have the exact same oils that our own skin naturally produces! Animal fats are more nutrient dense than any plant oil out there. At Miracle Marrow we value natures delicacies and use these superfoods on our skin! 

We use nature as our source and that's it! Miracle Marrow's Bone Marrow and Tallow come from 100% grass fed cattle sourced from local family farms. Every product we sell is delicately hand crafted with the highest and purest of ingredients. You can finally feel comfortable with what you put on your skin with Miracle Marrow!